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Bad Retouching |

I'm often asked by clients if I can change or enhance certain aspects of their images. I'm happy to meet you where you are or help you get to where you want to be within your portraits. Perhaps you have eczema, acne, monthly bloat (ugh!), or some other detail of your appearance you are insecure about. Through posing and retouching, I can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Can you spot the before/after differences in the video above?

The changes are so subtle that they preserve the integrity and natural feel of the images. If you were to see the final results only, you may not know the images were altered in any way. It's almost as if I haven't retouched them at all.

And that's the point! When I retouch your images, rest assured you will still look like you--not some hyper-filtered version of you.

In the end, the question shouldn't be "Can you retouch my images?", it should be "Can you do it well"?

And the answer is yes! I can.

If you're ready to discuss your luxe portraiture session, send me a note here.




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