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I know how difficult it can be to create images that you're proud of. Much of what I've learned in photography comes from trial and error, experimenting with different techniques, a lot of stress (good stress!), and personal investments in education throughout the years to hone my craft.

I certainly didn't acquire the knowledge to create the images you see in my portfolio alone and neither should you.

Private 1:1 Workshop

We can start wherever you are in your photographer journey and expand from there. We'll video chat beforehand to discuss what you'd like to accomplish during your private workshop. Once we've determine the best plan for you, we'll secure a model for a custom learning experience. 

Possible areas of learning:

-Camera basics

-Exposure triangle

-Natural light

-Finding the light

-Composition and posing

-Off camera flash

  1. Types of off camera flash

  2. Modifiers 

  3. Softlight

  4. Hardlight

  5. Lighting recipes


  1. White balance

  2. Exposure adjustments

  3. Color correction

  4. Saturation 

  5. Cropping 


  1. Intro to advance retouching techniques in Photoshop (only if participant has firm grasp on basic editing, not offered separately): $400


Duration: 8 hours (including 1-hour catered lunch break)

Location: Studio setting 

Cost: $2650 (full payment or $850 retainer credited toward balance)

Advanced Retouching Techniques

We'll start the day by creating images with a model. From there, we'll take those images into Photoshop for retouching. 

Possible areas of learning:

-Blemish removal

-Skin enhancement while maintaining details and color

-Adding dimension to images

-Eye, lip, and hair enhancements/adjustments

-Retouching clothing

-Retouching or reshaping the body subtly

-Color replacement 

-Cleaning up background/backdrop of distractions

Duration: 4 hours (including 30-min snack break)

Location: Studio setting 

Cost: $1325 (full payment or $475 retainer credited toward balance)

Group Workshops

Themed group workshops will begin in 2023. Please check back for scheduled dates. 

CLICK HERE to reserve

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