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What the Heck is a Print/Product Credit & How to Save Money on Your Favorite Pictures

As a portrait photographer, I'm often asked two things the most: "Are there any discounts available to me?" and "What is a print/product credit?" Luckily, I'm able to answer the former by explaining the latter a little better.

A print/product credit is a term you may come across when you're looking to purchase prints or products (such as albums) from your professional photographer. Let me tell you why this incentive is so important and keeps my clients very happy.

(portraits by Sharde Richardson Photography, LLC)

A print/products credit refers to a credit that is given to you to use towards purchasing prints/products (such as albums and folios) from your session. This credit is gifted to you by your photographer, and can be used to purchase your favorite images from your session. An easier way to think of it is as free money a store gives you to buy their merchandize.

One of the main benefits of a print/product credit is that it allows you to get high-quality prints of those "OMAGOSH! I totally can't live without these..." pictures at a discounted price. This is perfect for budget conscious clients who may not want to spend more than they planned or for clients who want to try out different print options.

For example, my clients enjoy a product credit of $500 and here's how my pretend client, Sally, decided to use it.

Sally is at her ordering session, reviewing the images from her photoshoot. She's pre-purchased five prints to hang in the entry way of her home but absolutely must have three more. She's interested in my 8 print folio box, which will give her the additional three images she wants but it's $450 more than what she's budgeted. I remind Sally her session includes a $500 print credit (Cha-Ching!) and she's able to make the purchase more confidently.

I hope this explain print/product credits a little better and how, overall, it's a great way to get your hands on beautiful prints from your session.



[My luxe sessions include a $500 product credit. For more information about luxe sessions and how to reserve one of your own, please click here.]


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