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Why Photographers Share Your Images Online |

I've touched on this in the past but this topic is always worth revisiting. As someone who values privacy, I know the importance of limiting our exposure to strangers online. I mean, can you imagine waking up one day to see that one of your beloved birthday images has been immortalized on Beyonce's internet as an unflattering meme?

*gasps in horror*

As a photographer, I take this into consideration when handling my clients images. As a client, it's not uncommon to wonder why photographers share images of you online. Below are some reasons why and how you can ask them not to.

  • Portfolio Building: One of the main reasons photographers share their client's images online is for portfolio building. Photographers often use their online presence as a way to showcase their work and attract new clients. By sharing images of their clients on their website or social media, photographers are able to demonstrate their skills and style to potential customers.

  • Marketing: Another reason photographers share images online is for marketing purposes. By sharing images of their clients, photographers can attract new customers and increase brand awareness. This can be especially beneficial for photographers who are just starting out in the industry and are looking to build their client base.

  • Appreciation: Additionally, photographers share images online as a way to thank their clients for choosing them and to give them the opportunity to show off their beautiful images. Many clients are thrilled to have their images shared online and it's a great way for them to show off their memories to their friends and family.

If you're still arrested by the crippling anxiety of being a meme for all eternity (because, ya know, the internet is FOREVER), you can ask your photography not to share your images online. Most photographers provide an option for their clients to opt-out if they don't want their images to be shared. It's important to note that this opt-out can come at a cost and that cost varies from photographer to photographer.

Be sure to read your session contract thoroughly for an opt-out clause if this important to you and communicate your preferences to your photographer.



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