• Sharde Richardson

She's Not a Model but You Can't Tell!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

At the end of last year, I held a portrait raffle and things turned out ahhh-mazing! I wanted my raffle to be the ultimate experience for my lucky winner so I teamed up with two boutiques in town that offered to style her and one of the best makeup artist I know. The results are simply stunning and I'm grateful to have been able to surround this winner with such a talented team.

Check out how the session went below!

Jasmine was outfitted by Blings and Things and Grapfrut/Fly Clothing Boutique. They were also co-sponsors in this raffle, which gave Jasmin a variety of clothing options at her disposal. This silver dress (and accessories) came from Blings and Things. From the pictures, you can tell Jasmin was totally in her element wearing it.

This next black number comes from GrapFrut/Fly Clothing Boutique. When Jasmin put it on, it's like her personality changed. GrapFrut/Fly is known for its edgy, rebellious garb. Maybe a little bit of that rubbed off on Jasmin.

I can't wait for my next raffle. I'm thinking about making each one I have a different theme. What theme do you think the next one should be?

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